Fashion has always been focused on all the aspects of culture and society. And it is in a society where nature is suffering its alarming problems caused by the climate change that we are looking forward to take care of our planet.

Here at L Saha the planet is our inspiration.

The nature influences our luxury brand and it makes it a real living habitat. The Earth is presented not only as a physical entity but also as a conglomerate of human emotions interacting with each other.

The Spring Summer 18 “Into the Wave” collection from L Saha, for example, communicates this emotional aspect. It shows how love and life can go beyond the concept of romantic love.  Emotions are like waves and even just one of them can have different shades: shaded waves where every living being in this planet has their own way to connect with each other. 


“We may or may not be connected, but a ripple of love and generosity created by one individual, results in more love, gratitude and happiness among others. We are all connected and contributors to each others happiness on this planet”. – Laboni Saha

The elegance of the silk and the sumptuous crepes, luxurious natural fabrics and dupions used for every Laboni’s collections, on the other side, evoke the real shapes of natural elements; wearing each garment gives to the wearer the feeling of being part of the nature.

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