The L Saha language


The cloud, an Oil Painting on Canvas, by Vanessa Poutou

(The cloud, by Vanessa Poutou)


Fashion is a language: clothes as words for a very passionate message. A universe of emotions is shaped everyday, thanks to the art of fashion designers, thus connecting consumers with the language of feelings.

People are always looking for something to feel comfortable, especially in a society where love and self-love have being clouded by competition and selfishness.

L Saha believes that every living being connects with each other with the power of love.

Love inspires our brand and it becomes a part of every single fabric. It is an ideal-real process that ends up when the garment personifies love, and wearing it makes you being part of a belief; believing in yourself and believing in other human beings.

Wearing L Saha creations is an opportunity to remind yourself how you matter in this society and how other people around you need to remember the meaning of love.

“I portray the importance of an unbiased sense of care, love and respect for all beings.”(Laboni Saha)

L Saha is a language of love and subtle metallic and monochrome hues have been used in Laboni’s collections as canvas for intricate details created with hand made macrame, embroidery and beading.A complex composition that becomes a simple silhouette, like love appearing as a complex emotion and yet simple in the way it communicates.

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