Inner Conversations

Internal or inner monologues are deep conversations that explore our feelings. They are based on who we are.  
The stream of consciousness starts in our minds and an imaginary scenario sometimes grows in our fantasy. Our mind is where our stories are brought to life;
monologues are the voices of our inspirations and mostly what we love about life.


L Saha believes that there is no inspiration without an inner conversation with ourselves.
Monologues are part of our brand and our thoughts are the words that we write black on white.  The garments become our big piece of papers and the texture that characterizes the clothes are unspoken words: the ones always in our minds.
The fabric becomes monochromatic and the different colour that we use as accent, is the element that make each creation different among others; because every monologue is different in the same way as every human being is different.
Wearing "stream of consciousness" makes people feel confortable to be alone with themselves for a while. It’s finding the peace and the love that every person needs in his daily life.

“There are cycles in this Universe that we do not have control over” – Laboni Saha


Monologues are one of that cycles we do not have control over and L Saha expresses the creativity of them using contrast panels and central red line details, refined by the touch of dupion and duchess silk. Creations that show the elegance of a inner conversation through the power of a dress.



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