L Saha and how we create time



Time runs out every day. Waking up in the morning means starting our daily routine and bringing our best in what we do every day.

We give something in the world and we make our impact while the hours fly and in a heartbeat we arrive at evening. Our day is almost over and what we have accomplished is our little prize for having been productive and creative.

There are moments where we wish that our time is everlasting and that just one day can prosecute for 48 hours.

L Saha makes our wishes reality. 

We believe in timeless and we create the taste of the eternity in collections that we do not want to leave once the trend has finished.

Fashion is a constantly evolving and always in rush - hour to find the new idea to be different among others; but what if the timeless is our new trend?

“What we do is that some pieces from each collection go into the classics. You will see new pieces in every season, but some pieces from previous seasons stays in the collection and blend in, creating the timeless aspect. The whole point is that these pieces are still relevant”.  Laboni Saha

 L Saha believes that being on trend does not mean forgetting what has been done in the past but that what has been created can still make the difference and be our winning point. We create time and we love following it when runs out but also when it has passed.

We are past, present and future. We are timeless.

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