We have launched our first live concept store at the luxury quarter of London, on the 3rd of December. 

Nestled at Piccadilly Arcade between Mayfair and St James ‘A-LIVE by L Saha’ is a retail concept, featuring and selling products that are made live in the store. The making process is as much the part of the retail display as is the finished product. The shoppers are being treated to an ‘inside-out’ view of product, from the point of it being ‘raw materials’ to the point where it become a ‘finished product’.



The Creation process is being performed, by our Creative Director and segments of this retail showcase will be featured online via Instagram Live and Youtube. 

Located at the Piccadilly Arcade, a Grade II listed building heart of Mayfair, the A-LIVE concept store will be displaying carbon footprints of our products, relative to similar mainstream products in addition to stating and demonstrating the hours required to create each item on offer. 

The aim? To sow the seed and cater to the (latent) need for ‘Low Impact’ gifts that are kind on the planet and people. 




“I am acutely aware of the climate crisis we are facing as a race and the urgent need for change in the way we produce and consume. In this season of giving, the launch of A-LIVE is our small way of giving our audience, the gift of transparency, access and exclusivity in a way that can be paralleled in few other ways” 

-Laboni Saha (Creative Director, L Saha) 


We have for many years, incorporated transparency in our supply chain as part of the customer journey through digital means. The A-LIVE Store, is our first step in adding ‘the process of making a product’, to the customer’s discovery journey in a physical retail store. 

L Saha’s A-LIVE Store is preceded by the success of LIVE Design Exhibition that took place in 2020 as part of London Design FestivaL and attracted over 700,000 phy-gital engagement over  short period of 9 days. The current retail concept is one of a series of launches, that we plan to announce over the months ahead.



12 Piccadilly Arcade

St James's. London SW1Y 6NH

Ph: +44(0)2072579359