L Saha presented a Live-Design Exhibit, showcasing the process of hand making a dress from start to finish, spanning through the length of London Design Festival, 2020 (12th-20th September)  and London Fashion Week at Somerset House. A 100% handmade dress was created by our Creative Director Laboni Saha, during the exhibition, from sustainably sourced natural material (yarn) that is weaved into a finished garment. No machine was used in the process of making the garment a product with exceptionally low carbon footprint. The exhibition captured the making of a 100% handmade garment, the day-to-day  design stages within a scene of designer’s workspace, at the exhibition space as well as online through Instagram LIVE  on IG TV.




You may see the full series on our Instagram @LSahaOfficialImage Credit: Dave Benett, Getty Images, Jeff Spicer, John Annett,